Many users still don’t know what sizes should their images have, on each Twitter section (header image, profile and in-stream image) and thus we frequently come across streched headers or in-stream images that don’t fit the frame. Not only does this impact the ease of viewing your posts, but also has a unfavorable effect on the overall image of your dental practice. That’s why we came up with this useful, short blog post.

TWITTER Header image

Recommended size: 1,500 x 500 pixels.
Maximum file size of 5 MB.
Image types you can use: JPG, GIF or PNG.

TWITTER Profile image

Recommended size: 400 x 400 (Displays 200 x 200)

Your dentist profile image will be cropped to fit a circle with a radius of 400 x 400px (maximum) and it will automatically be downsized to a 200 x 200px. This image will be seen on your page, the feed and also on the recommended following section, on the right side.

Maximum file size is 2 MB.
Image types you can use: JPG, GIF or PNG.

TWITTER In-Stream image

Recommended sizes: Minimum 440 x 220px & maximum 1024 x 512px (2:1 Ratio)

Since Twitter will automatically adjust this image, make sure it will display the right area you want followers to see and try to center the content horizontally. Here you can twitt up to four images at one time and when viewing on desktop, collapsed, it will be displayed at a size of 506 x 253 px.

Maximum to appear expanded 1024 x 512 pixels.
Appears in stream collapsed at 506 x 253 pixels on desktop.
Maximum file size of 5 MB for photos. For GIFs, 5 MB on mobile and 15 MB on web.